Vegetable Processing Line 1000 kg/h

This vegetable processing line is perfectly suited for companies looking to cut, wash, sort, and dry vegetables. One of the most important aspects of this vegetable processing line is the wide variety of vegetables and fruits that can be processed. Besides, the processing line is very versatile with respect to cutting sizes and shapes (dices, slices, julienne strips, squares etc.).


Demonstration video of the vegetable processing line:

Vegetable Processing Line 1000 kg/h

The full processing line consists of a vegetable cutting machine, a conveyor belt, a vegetable washing machine (with sorting system), a basket mill, and a vegetable centrifugal dryer. Based on the needs of the customer, particular machines can be left out or added (e.g. peeling machine) to the processing line. The following list contains the product range of machines suited for operation in the vegetable processing line 1000 kg/h:

Vegetable cutting machines:

Conveyor belt:

Vegetable washing machine:

Basket mill:

Vegetable centrifugal dryer:

Operational process of the vegetable processing line

The operational process of this vegetable line is designed to make it as simple and convenient for our customers as possible. Cutting sizes and shapes can easily be adjusted on the touch screen of the belt cutting machine because all cutting options are pre-programmed. This is especially convenient if the user wants to cut many different products in different sizes and shapes. The display language can be set or programmed to any language of the customer’s choice.


For the best possible cutting quality we make use of the concept of ‘rotating knife transition’ with very small SS rollers which guide the product to the knife. This in combination with extremely sharp knives prevents the product from getting damaged and guarantees excellent cutting quality.
Similarly with for example the centrifugal dryer HS-FLEX, the rotational speed and time can be adjusted for different products to guarantee a well dried product.


All vegetable processing machines in this processing line are designed to make the operational process as easy and convenient as possible. Machines are designed without any ‘dirty angles’, which makes them fast and easy to clean. This will help to keep the downtime to a minimum.


The machines in this vegetable processing line are all completely made of sustainable stainless steel. All technical components are from renowned brands. The technical components are inside the machine making them entirely protected against water. Touch screens are IP-67 water resistant.


All vegetable cutting machines have water resistant (IP-67) sensors which makes it impossible for users to reach the knife while the machine is operating. Therefore, users cannot cut their hands to a rotating knife disc. When the sensor is deactivated, the machine will stop immediately (brake motor). The touch screen will graphically display which sensor was deactivated.


Please feel free to contact us, and our team will guide you through the next steps in acquiring your ideal vegetable processing line. To ensure we provide you with the most suitable configuration and options, we'll need some specific details, including:

  • The types of products you intend to process
  • The capacity (hourly or daily) you intend to process
  • Any specific cuts or sizes you have in mind
  • Information about the condition of the products (e.g., cleanliness, presence of sand or insects)
  • Any other relevant information, such as space constraints, electrical power requirements, or other unique requirements.
Absolutely, you can begin with a single machine. This phased approach allows you to start with the equipment that aligns with your immediate needs. As your requirements evolve, you can easily expand the processing line by adding more machines to create a complete and customized solution. This flexibility ensures that your processing line can grow and adapt to your changing demands. Additionally, you can interchange machinery, such as switching between the 3DD dicing machine and the belt cutting machine, which provides versatility in product processing.
Certainly! The space needed depends on the specific machines and configuration you choose. Our team can provide detailed space requirements and layout recommendations to ensure the processing line fits seamlessly into your facility. It's worth noting that the belt cutting machines, conveyors, and washers are designed to be versatile and can be positioned in 90-degree angles to each other, allowing for flexible placement within your workspace. Just let us know your available space, and we'll assist you in planning the setup accordingly.

The processing line is engineered to handle variations in the size and shape of vegetables seamlessly. The belt cutting machines, with their pre-programmed cutting options and adjustable settings via the touch screen interface, are specifically designed for flexibility. This allows you to efficiently process a wide range of vegetable products in different sizes and shapes, ensuring that the processing line can adapt to your specific needs when dealing with various types of vegetables.

Additionally, the vegetable washing machine features adjustable water flow that can be easily controlled with a single twist of a handle. This ensures effective washing and sorting while accommodating differences in vegetable characteristics.

Finally, the centrifugal dryer offers adjustable time and RPM (rotations per minute) functions, allowing you to tailor the drying process to different product requirements. This versatility ensures that the drying stage is optimized for each type of vegetable, taking into account their specific characteristics and moisture content.

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