Centrifugal Vegetable Drying Machine HS-FLEX

The stainless steel centrifugal vegetable drying machine HS-FLEX with variable speed removes the washing water of vegetables after they have been washed. The HS-FLEX is equipped with PLC control, frequency controller, timer, reverse function, slow-start/ slow-stop functions, and double lock for the cover. The HS-FLEX is perfectly suited for most cut vegetables and works seamlessly with the BCM-1650 belt slicer machine,  VWM-2500 / VWM-3600 vegetable washing machine and the ACBM basket mill in a vegetable processing line.


The centrifugal vegetable drying machine HS-FLEX in a small vegetable processing line and a large vegetable processing line respectively:

Centrifugal vegetable drying machine HS-FLEX

With the centrifugal vegetable dryer HS-FLEX, you can easily adjust the processing time on the touch screen, from 0 – 60 seconds and the speed from 350 – 950 RPM. After the basket is placed inside the machine and the cover has been closed, the machine will automatically start and the cover will be double-locked. The speed gradually (4 seconds) increases (slow-start) to the maximum set speed in order to make sure the product will spread itself evenly over the basket. The speed also gradually decreases 4 seconds before it stops (slow-stop). By stopping the basket, the product falls back to the middle of the basket. Subsequently, the machine starts again. However, the basket will rotate in reverse direction. Thanks to the reverse function, even leafy vegetables will be dried perfectly. When the cycle is finished, the cover will be unlocked automatically and the basket can be removed from the machine.

Advantages of the centrifugal vegetable drying machine HS-FLEX

  • Because of the adjustable speed, timer and double lock for the cover, the centrifugal vegetable dryer can always operate with the optimal speed during the optimal time span.
  • The machine is reliable and stable and is suited for industrial usage. It is even fit for ‘heavy’ products.
  • Very safe for the operator through the double-lock cover. Even satisfies the newest CE-machine guidelines.
  • Under the machine, four heavy levelers with vibration dampers are mounted. In this way the vibrations of starting the machine are absorbed and the machine will keep a fixed position on the floor. Therefore, it is not necessary to fix the machine to the floor.
  • The HS-FLEX can be perfectly integrated into a vegetable processing line for cutting, washing and drying vegetables.

Vegetable processing line 1000 kg/hVegetable processing line 1000 kg/h (from right to left: belt cutting machine BCM-1650conveyor belt HCB-400-TSwashing machine VWM-3600basket mill ACBM, and drying machine HS-FLEX)

Technical data

Electrical data1 Ph / 230 V / 50 Hz / 4.7 A
Power1.1 kW
RPM motor2800 RPM
RPM basket holder350 - 1000 RPM
Dimensions (LxWxH)580 x 830 x 970 mm
Infeed height830 mm
Weight190 kg


  • Extra blue plastic drying baskets
  • Dense baskets inserts (for small cut vegetables)

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