Vegetable Belt Cutting Machine BCM-3000

The industrial belt cutting machine BCM-3000 is suitable for slicing all leafy vegetables and many root vegetables like cabbage, borecole, onion, melon, and paprika. The BCM-3000 goes perfectly together with the HCB-600-TS conveyor belt, the VWM-5000 vegetable washing machine, and the VPS-6 preparation table in a vegetable processing line.


Product demonstration video of the industrial vegetable belt cutter BCM-3000:

Belt cutting machine BCM-3000

The industrial belt cutting machine BCM-3000 is suitable for slicing all leafy vegetables and many root vegetables like cabbage, borecole, onion, melon, and paprika. The BCM-3000 can be seamlessly integrated into a vegetable processing line for cutting, washing and drying vegetables.

Industrial Salad Processing LineVegetable processing line 2000 kg/h (from right to left: preparation station VPS-6, belt cutting machine BCM-3000conveyor belt HCB-600-TSwashing machine VWM-5000basket mill ACBM, and drying machine HS-FLEX)

Cutting possibilties for vegetables, fruits and herbs

The machine is very easy to operate, has a perfect cutting quality, an excellent solid construction and is very hygienic. The cutting sizes for:

  • Standard wing knife: for slicing (continuously variable from 1 up to 55 mm) vegetables into for example long cabbage trails or leek rings.
  • Wing knife with cross knives: for every multiplication of 5 mm x slicing size to cut for example short cabbage trails or half leek rings.
  • Adjustable disc: can be used for both the standard wing knife and the wing knife with cross knives. Every multiplication of 5 mm x set cutting size is possible
  • Cabbage cutting disc: this disc has 10 knives especially made for cutting cabbage


The industrial belt cutter BCM-3000 is suited for medium- and large sized vegetable processing companies that are in need of a large capacity (up to 3000 kg per hour) and are looking for the best possible cutting quality, flexibility and ease of use. Precutting is not necessary because of the width of the belt (275 mm). Even the largest products like cabbage don’t need to be precut. The desired type of cut and the desired thickness of the cut can easily be selected on the touchscreen. The display can be changed to eleven different languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.


  • Good price/quality ratio.
  • Easy to operate: by means of the touch screen you can select the language, programs, cutting size, type of product and the desired cutting disc.
  • Exceptionally beautiful and high quality cut.
  • Minimum cutting waste and no damage to the product.
  • The speed is preprogrammed per product and cutting size. Customized programs can also be added.
  • Due to a sustainable construction the machine requires minimum maintenance and has a long life span.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Stable belts with a good hold.
  • Changeable knives which can be re-sharpened.

Technical data

CapacityUp to 3000 kg/h
Electrical data3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz / 11.5 A
Power4.5 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)2880 x 940 x 1570 mm
Weight580 kg without knives


The vegetable preparation station VPS-6 can be placed in front of the belt cutting machine BCM-3000. Both the upper conveyor belt of the station connects seamlessly to the lower conveyor belt of the belt cutting machine. The preparation station is suitable for six employees. Each employee has his own crate holder, a plastic cutting board and a waste funnel.


The BCM-3000 is already employed for a wide range of products beyond vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and our team of experts can evaluate the potential for cutting your specific product. If it proves feasible, you are welcome to visit our demonstration facility, where we can conduct the testing in person. Alternatively, you have the option to send us the product, and we will perform the testing while coordinating a video call with you. If preferred, we can also record a video demonstration for your convenience.

When comparing the BCM-1650 to the BCM-3000, two main operational differences stand out:

  • Belt Width: The BCM-3000 features a wider belt with a width of 275 mm, allowing it to slice large products like cabbage without the need for precutting the cabbages into halves. In contrast, the BCM-1650 has a narrower belt with a width of 150 mm.
  • Slicing Capacity: The BCM-3000 offers a higher slicing capacity of 3000 kg/h, while the BCM-1650 has a slicing capacity of 1000 kg/h.
The VPS-6 becomes a valuable addition when you still need to prepare vegetables, such as cutting off stems or removing cores, before placing them on the BCM-3000's belt. Given the high capacity of the BCM-3000, there is a potential for generating a significant amount of waste product, such as stems and cores. The VPS-6 addresses this by incorporating a lower conveyor belt that efficiently transports the waste away from the preparation station. This eliminates the need for constantly emptying crates beneath the VPS-6 working station, streamlining your vegetable preparation process.
The BCM-3000 is well-suited for finely chopping herbs, as well as other difficult-to-cut products. It can cut them into sizes as small as 1 mm. The upper and lower belts of the BCM-3000 have small rotational rollers, which allows the belt to be positioned very close to the knife, ensuring that the herbs are securely gripped until the very last moment before they reach the slicing knife. The knife is also adjusted to run as close as possible to both the upper and lower belts, ensuring the highest possible quality cut. Additionally, the BCM-3000 comes equipped with extremely sharp knives, which are vital for achieving an excellent quality cut, especially when finely chopping herbs.
Setting the cutting size on the BCM-3000 is effortless with its standard touchscreen interface. Simply navigate the touchscreen to select the specific knife you're using, followed by the desired cutting size. All cutting sizes come preprogrammed, eliminating the need for complex setup procedures. This user-friendly approach streamlines the process, making it incredibly straightforward for operators.

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