Potato Peeler Machine MSM-20

The potato peeling machine MSM-20 is perfectly suited for peeling products such as potatoes, celeriac, kohlrabi etc. The potato peeler machine MSM-20 has a removable peeling disc with 15 long and 15 short peeling knives and is fully made of stainless steel. Alternatively, Jegerings.com offers the potato peeling machine CSM-20. This potato peeling machine has a carborundum peeling disc instead of the knife peeling disc. Additionally, the CSM-20 has a carborundum skin wall.


Product demonstration video of the knife potato peeler machine MSM-20:

Potato peeler machine MSM-20

  • Because of the exact adjustment of the knives and the hygienic rubber skin inside the drum, the end product is beautifully and smoothly peeled, with a minimum of peel losses and bruises.
  • The potato peeler machine MSM-20 has a removable peeling disc with 15 long and 15 short peeling knives. The peeling disc is made of stainless steel with milled knife cavities. On the peeling disc are three, very solid, turning-rubbers which turn the products during the rotating action of the peeling disc.
  • The construction is compact and has a motor which is completely inside the machine. Because of the legs underneath the MSM-20, it is possible to easily clean the floor underneath the machine. The dismountable legs can be sized conform your preferences, before delivery of the machine.
  • Exceptionally nice and solid finish. Containing a plastic electrical enclosure within a stainless steel enclosure, thus optimally protected against water.
  • Complies with the latest safety standards of machinery. Containing a secured cover and emergency stop relay.

Technical data

Electrical data3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz / 2.7 A
Power1.1 kW
RPM peeling disc205 RPM
Dimensions (LxWxH)530 x 925 x 1042 mm
Infeed height990 mm
Exit height525 mm
Content per cycle15 - 20 kg
Cycle time1 - 5 min
Weight125 kg


The main distinction is in the peeling process. The CSM-20 uses a carborundum disc and wall, resulting in a smooth, round appearance of the peeled product. In contrast, the MSM-20 employs a knife peeling disc, giving the peeled product flat surfaces, similar to when you peel the product manually with a knife. This hand-peeled appearance is preferred by clients seeking an authentic or artisanal type of peeling.
The MSM-20 is designed to simultaneously peel and spray water on the product. As it peels, any dirt and peel residues are efficiently removed from the product and collected in a bin or drained away through the machine's bottom. There might be some residual starch left on the product that can be rinsed. This integrated process minimizes the need for additional cleaning or washing after peeling, ensuring a convenient and hygienic operation.
The precise cycle time will be dependent on the specific that will be peeled, its ripeness and the quantity per batch. To determine the ideal cycle time, begin by timing the peeling process for a batch until you achieve the desired peeling result. Once you've established the duration, simply input it into the MSM-20's timer. The machine will then operate for the preset time, ensuring consistent and efficient peeling.
In such cases, the MSM-20 offers a pulse button that can be pressed to extend the cycle time for the batch. Simultaneously, the pulse button serves as a means to efficiently discharge the product through the outfeed door of the machine. This ensures that every batch achieves a satisfactory peeling result, providing flexibility to accommodate varying processing needs.

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