Belt Cutting Machine offers belt cutting machines to cut vegetables and fruit into slices, julienne/strips/sticks, squares, trails, and grate. These vegetable belt cutting machines are perfectly suited for a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, such as: leafy vegetables, ice berg lettuce, endive, lollo bionda, bok choy, white cabbage, chicory, cucumber, carrot, onion rings, potato, tomatoes, flat string beans, chili pepper, paprika, parsley, chives, spring onion, leek, melon, dates, plums, mango, peaches, and many more. All belt slicer machines have a touch screen which makes it very easy to control the machines. You simply choose the desired cutting type followed by the desired cutting size and press start to begin cutting. The cutting knives are also very easy to interchange.
What separates the belt cutting machines of from other cutting machines is the excellent cutting quality. The lower belt together with the upper belt guide the product to the cutting knife as close as possible which is important not to damage the product and to guarantee an excellent cutting quality. Also the belt speed in combination knife rotation speed have been elaborately tested with numerous products with the current excellent cutting quality as the end result.
Furthermore, the belt cutting machines have been designed to be very easy to clean and to maintain. This means that there are no “dirty angles” and thus the belt slicer can be cleaned quickly simply by the use of a water hose. This all helps to contribute to minimal downtime and a satisfying user experience.

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