Conveyor Belt HCB-600-TS

The hygienic trough-shaped conveyor belt HCB-600-TS is especially designed hygienic for small and medium-sized vegetable cutting companies. The HCB-600-TS goes perfectly together with the BCM-3000 belt cutting machine and the VWM-5000 washing machine in a high capacity vegetable processing line.

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Product demonstration video of the high capacity vegetable processing line including the conveyor belt HCB-600-TS:

Conveyor belt HCB-600-TS

  • Stainless steel drum motor and turning roll
  • One-sided support of the belt frame
  • The input and output funnel can both be dismantled
  • Detachable conveyor belt
  • Stainless steel brake castors

Advantages of the conveyor belt HCB-600-TS

  • Because the belt is trough-shaped, products are lead automatically to the centre of the belt. That is why there is no need for side guides.
  • Another advantage of the trough-shaped conveyor belt is that products are transported much better. Even when the belt is wet because of vegetable juices.
  • The input and output funnel precisely fit, to make sure that no products will be spilt on the floor. In the input funnel a white (food grade) rubber closure is mounted. In the output funnel a scrapper is mounted which prevents products to stick to the belt and consequently prevents products to fall on the ground on the retour part.
  • The trough-shaped conveyor belt can be cleaned thoroughly and easily. The input and output funnel can be detached very easily. By means of a unbolt button, the turning roll can be turned over to release the belt. Because the frame only has legs on one side, the belt can be removed from the belt frame very easily.
  • Another advantage is that the belt frame can be cleaned perfectly on the inside as well.
  • The belt frame is very solid. All the seams are completely welded.
  • Both in the stainless steel drum motor and the stainless steel turning roll the bearings are mounted inside, so that they cannot get in touch with water.
  • On the inside of the belt there are two guiding belts. They move along the guiding rails of the belt frame, the drum motor and the turning roll. Because of this construction the belt runs in alignment perfectly.
  • This conveyor belt fits seemlessly in the vegetable processing line of cutting, washing and drying.

Vegetable Processing Line 2000 kg/hVegetable processing line 2000 kg/h (from right to left: preparation station VPS-6belt cutting machine BCM-3000, conveyor belt HCB-600-TS, washing machine VWM-5000basket mill ACBM, and drying machine HS-FLEX)

Technical data

Dimensions (LxWxH)3558 x 910 x 1660 mm
Belt width600 mm
Electrical data3 Ph / 400 V / 50 Hz / 0.86 A / 135 RPM
Power0.25 kW
Belt speedApprox. 46 m/min
Weight183 kg

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